58th Barbarian Cup 2 of 13

2. WELCOME to the Barbarian Cup

Thank you for registering for this year’s Barbarian Cup. The schedule is posted. In making the
schedule every effort was made to give teams travelling from a greater distance later starts.

Our head referee, Brian Bell has been able to recruit seven officials for the weekend - we are
thankful for this and will expect the proper respect be given to all game officials and tournament organizers.

Any clarifications on rules can be directed to him or our Club Chair Joe Bowley.

Highland Rugby Club looks forward to hosting you in Fergus on the 9th & 10th. If you have
questions let me (Connie) know. Should you run into delays and need to get in touch with me
you can text or call me (905)861-1615. Note I do not get emails on my phone ... I'm one of those people who don't have a data plan :)

Link to MAP

Once your team arrives please look for either myself or Barb Moore at the tournament
table and check in so we know you are ready for play.

You will be given your coaches package at that time

Receipts will be issued at the tournament for all teams provided the registration cheque is
submitted at tournament desk.
Schedule Details:

1. 3 game guarantee - all games will be 2 - 15 minute halves - There are no back to back

2. Warm Ups - 5 minutes on the field only - games need to start within 5 minutes of
scheduled time. Pre-game warm-ups should take place in other field areas prior to

3. Assistance will be required for lines so please have someone designated from
your team for each game.

4. Junior Boys - Playoffs - be sure players/coaches understand how it is working:
• Pool 1,2 & 3 play round robin WITHIN their pools - top team advances
• the best second placed team will continue on to the playoffs.

5. Only 4 Junior Girls teams & 4 Junior Boys teams move to Sunday's Semi-finals &
Championships - 2 game guarantee on Sunday - 45 minute games.

6. Jerseys - one of the considerations in scheduling was jersey colour - as far as I know
we should not have a problem in the round robin but depending on who advances there
may be colour conflicts - we'll figure it out then.

Game Sheets and Character Awards

1. Coach or Manager must stop by the tournament table to check game sheet at least
15 minutes prior to game.

2. Game Sheets will be prepared in advance - labels will be put on them with your team
players. Coaches need to identify starting players and in some cases add numbers.

3. Each game coaches will be asked for one player from the opposing team to be
nominated for the Character Award.

Trainers will be available to teams through out the day – there will be a tent set up
where they will be located.

1. Coaches, officials will need a ticket for lunch – they will be distributed in the
2. BBQ starts at 10:30 a.m. – Bar (for adults) opens at 11 am
3. IF your team prefers to lunch much later we will need to know so we can let the
organizers know.

1. Buses should be able to find parking at the baseball diamond to the east of the
2. Spectators need to obey parking signs on the street and in the sub divisions.

Club House & Changerooms
1. Will be available to teams – do not leave bags in changerooms or club house.
2. Water is potable and you can fill water bottles in the changerooms.
Connie Ryan-Bennett
(905) 861-1615
(this number is for texting or calling – I do not receive emails on this phone)