Highland Coaching and Training 2 of 3

2. 2017 Off-season indoor training dates


Indoor sessions at Royal Distributing Facility Marden. (7384 Wellington Road 30, Guelph, ON N1H 6J2)

Thursday January 5th 2017 6pm to 8pm → Seniors and Juniors
Sunday February 5th 2017 4pm to 6pm → Seniors and Juniors
Saturday February 18th 10am to 12pm → Give it a try event for the Minis division : Seniors
Tuesday March 14 2017 7pm to 9pm → Seniors and Juniors
Friday 17th March 6pm to 8pm → Juniors and Minis
Saturday March 18th 2pm to 3pm → Seniors
Saturday March 25th 12pm to 1 pm → Juniors and Minis
Saturday 1st April 12pm to 1pm → Juniors and Minis